7 Steps to Building the Perfect Site


Here’s a look at the path we’ll take – from start to finish – to building the perfect site and getting it ready for launch.

Step 1: Snag the Perfect Domain Name

If your business doesn’t already have a domain name registered, we’ll help you register something perfect! If you want to search for something now, we recommend GoDaddy.

Step 2: Set up Secure Website Hosting

I’ll help you figure out exactly the kind of hosting you need for your project and set it up, complete with SSL to help keep your info and your customers’ info as safe and secure as possible! (I offer competitive rates on managed hosting for my website clients.)

Step 3: Begin Site Design

I’ll start out by asking some important questions about the goals for your business online, then I’ll start developing the site concept and get a basic design ready to show you before we move forward.

Step 4: Initial Feedback

I’m all about saving time, which means saving you money and I want to make sure I’m getting things right before building the whole site. I’ll show you the basic design and get your feedback so I’ll know where to make tweaks.

Step 5: Complete Site Development

Once I’ve gotten your feedback, I’ll be ready to move ahead on developing the rest of the site. Don’t worry! It will still be easy to adjust things as we progress. You will LOVE your site when I’m done creating it. It will be the perfect site for you!

Step 6: Final Review

Check everything out! We’ll also make sure we have your social media and email marketing strategy in place before we launch your new site.

Step 7: Showtime!

We’ve been a great team! We’ve worked together to ensure your business looks amazing online and we’ve got a strategy in place to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more!

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