Hey there!


I’m Sara Whitford, the founder of and chief developer at Seaport Webworks. I’m from right here in Carteret County and I’ve been developing websites since I was a college student in the mid-90s at NC State.

I just want you to know, if you’re hiring Seaport Webworks to help you with your website, social media, SEO, or any other aspect of your online platform, you’ll be working with me directly!

I’m not passing you off to work with some member of a “team.”

Seaport Webworks has built its reputation on being attentive to client needs and delivering above and beyond what is expected, and within budget. In fact, I’ve never had to spend money on advertising to build my company because my customers are always so happy with their websites that they are glad to recommend Seaport Webworks to friends and associates.

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there is, and I’m grateful to have built the relationships that I have with my clients and that they put their trust in me to help them build their online platforms, save money, and attract customers.

Please browse through the site and learn about all that we do at Seaport Webworks. If something piques your interest, or if you have a question, reach out! I’d love to hear from you.

Call or send a text to (252) 349-3280.


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