Imagine getting your design project* done in a day…

What would you do with all that free time?

* A design project might be a website, online store, online course, branding, or design wish list.

What if I told you that I can get your project done in one day for one flat price?


“You mean I don’t have to go back and forth with some web agency and wait on a proposal and then decide if it sounds reasonable, and then get worked into their calendar and hopefully get my project done a month or two (or three) from now?”


“Nope. One day. One easy price. Keep reading.”

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it is true. And here’s why I can do it…

I’ve been creating websites and doing design work for clients for over 20 years. I’ve gotten it down to a science. If you don’t mind digging in with me for one full day, we can tackle your design wish list, or get your high priority project done (such as a fresh website design, effective sales page, online course, or new branding), for the flat price of $1,500.

Once you see what I can accomplish in a day, as well as what’s included in my VIP package, I think you’ll agree this is a steal!

Pick Your Project


Here are some examples of projects that I can typically* get done in a day:

Done in a Day Web Design

Maybe you need a full scale refresh of an existing site or a brand new website (up to 5 pages). I can get typically get a project like that done in a day so that you can start attracting customers or getting leads and booking clients right away!

Please note: Sites with more than 5 pages, or sites with an active online store or membership platform may require more than one day. Contact me and we can discuss your booking options.

Done in a Day Online Course

Your online course can be done in a day! With the course content you provide, I’ll get you set up to start enrolling students right away. At the end of the day, you’ll have a high quality, professional learning experience for your students and an online course you can be proud to offer.

If you have questions about this, please contact me so we can discuss your project and you can find out if this service is right for you.

Done in a Day E-Commerce

You already have a WordPress site, but now you’d like to have an online store. I can get you up and running in a day! I’ll set up the plugin(s) on your site to create the store that is ideal for your business. Next, I’ll ensure your store pages match your existing brand. I’ll also set up product pages for 3 to 5 products and your core customer emails. If you have more products, no problem! I can either send you a video tutorial showing you how to add new products yourself, or we can discuss adding more time depending on what you need at the end of our VIP Day.

Please note: If you want to build a store on a non-WordPress platform, contact me to discuss your project before reserving a VIP package.


Done in a Day Branding

Every successful business has a memorable brand. I can get your business branding done in a day. This service includes the design assets you’ll need to present a cohesive and attractive brand on your business materials.

Here’s what a typical branding package might include:

  • Simple, attractive logo
  • Brand colors & font selections
  • Brand icons (to be used for social media)
  • A collection of quality images that you can use on your website and in printed materials
  • A brand style guide and up to 3 graphic templates for business materials (e.g. business cards, email marketing template, email signature, letterhead)

Please note, on your scheduled day, we’ll focus on all aspects of design and setup of your branding materials. The brand assets (logo files, style guide, and brand templates) may not be ready for delivery until the following day.

Done in a Day Design Wish List

Have a Design Wish List full of lots of little things that you just want done?

This is the perfect service for you! We can have a strategy call and I will give you realistic estimates of how many of those items I think I can realistically get done in a day.

And guess what! If I think I could get even more accomplished in a day, I will tell you so that you can be thinking up some other items to add to your wish list.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to set up an email subscription service? What about sprucing up your social media accounts? Organizing your YouTube channel? Whatever it is, just put it on the list. If it’s in the realm of design or other web tech, I can probably get it done for you – and quickly!

* When you book a VIP Day Design Intensive package, you’re booking me for everything that I can get done for you in a DAY, not a specific set of deliverables. I’ve been building websites and doing design work for over two decades. I have an efficient system for achieving professional results quickly. To ensure I’m able to get the maximum amount of work done for you, you will need to be available. Your reserved day should not be for scheduling other appointments or meetings. You must be engaged, responsive, and able to make quick decisions on any design questions that arise. It’s also important that you complete all Design Intensive Checklist pre-work at least 2 days before our scheduled collaboration. (Upon booking a day with me, you will get immediate access to the pre-work checklist and the Seaport Day Design MemberVault with helpful guides to get you ready for your reserved day.)

Here’s what’s included in
a VIP Day Package:

  • 45-minute Strategy Call
  • 8-hour Design Intensive (includes up to 30 minute kickoff call the day of and 7.5 hours of me putting my design and website expertise to work to get your Design Project or Wish List done)
  • 1 hour of post-Design Intensive “fixes” the day after
  • 30 days of post-Design Intensive support by email. This may even include mini-video tutorials to help you learn exactly how to maintain and update the work that was done during our Design Intensive.

Before you go further, please know this service IS NOT going to be a good fit for everybody.


I’d rather be up front with you and give you the information you need to make the best decision for you and for your business.


My VIP Day Design Intensives probably aren’t a good fit for you if:

  • You are far too busy and you simply cannot commit to working with me one-on-one for a full day to approve designs or branding content
  • You like being able to take your time, even if it’s weeks or months, in order to decide on elements of the content or design of your website
  • You don’t mind paying more money over a long period of time for design work as long as you have plenty of time to mull over every detail

My VIP Day Design Intensives might be a great fit for you if:

  • You are very busy, but you’d rather set aside a day to be available to respond quickly to design updates and get your project done in a single day than you had spend weeks or possibly months going back and forth about it.
  • You’re just getting started and you don’t yet have your branding and/or website in place, but you also don’t want to waste a bunch of time wading through all of the options. You just want to book an expert for a day to help you get it done, OR…
  • Maybe you’ve already tried setting up your own site with Wix or Squarespace or GoDaddy Website Builder or some other do-it-yourself tool and you’ve realized it’s not as simple as they claim, and not to mention, you don’t want a cookie-cutter website anyway, OR…
  • You already have a brand and a website, but you need everything refreshed. Time is of the essence and you’d rather work with someone one-on-one and get this knocked out quickly
  • You don’t mind doing the necessary preparations to ensure a productive, efficient Design Intensive as long as you have a clear checklist that details exactly what you’ll need to do and the information you need to provide.

If you think this sounds like a good fit for you…

Reserve Your Day

What do my clients say about working with me on their website and design projects?

To say that [Sara] cultivated an easy transformation would be an understatement. She takes the guesswork away, as her extensive web design knowledge superseded all expectations (and previous, not-so desirable experiences with others). Thank you Sara for helping create the web site of our dreams!

Jaime Gossin

Vice President, Blue Arbor, Inc.

“Working with Sara is awesome. She makes the design process so easy and goes above and beyond to make sure her customer is satisfied.”

Tracy Gillikin

Event & Marketing Director, Mac Daddy's Entertainment Complex & The Golfin' Dolphin

“Sara is a brilliant and inquisitive designer, which makes her incredibly creative and innovative. Her timeline for completion is incredibly efficient”

Dr. Ginger Garner

Author, International Speaker, and Founder, Living Well Institute

My goal is to create sites my clients love. ❤️

Rainmaker Irrigation
Balanced PT & Wellness
Blue Arbor, Inc.
Dr. Ginger Garner
Living Well Institute
Friends of the Maritime Museum
RuckerJohns Restaurant
Sound Ace Hardware
Beaufort Pirate Invasion
Garner Farms
The Golfin Dolphin
Sound Furniture & Appliance
Michael Droberg, Screenwriter
Carteret Photo
Captain Sinbad

While not all of the sites above were built in a day, many of them have a core design that was created in a day (or in a period of about 8 hours!) The business owners have since hired me to help them add various features to their sites, from ecommerce to membership structures, blogs, online ordering, and more.

Client Comments

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