How does your website look on a smartphone?

Responsive Web Design

Over 52% of web traffic is on mobile devices.* Is your business making the best impression where new customers are likely to find you — on their mobile phones?

What is Responsive Design?

In a nutshell, Responsive Design means your website will look good on any device.

If you’ve ever visited websites on your smart phone, then you know how frustrating it can be to navigate those sites that are not built for the mobile web.

On the other hand, a site that is responsive looks good everywhere.

Blue Arbor - Responsive Design
Seaport Webworks client Blue Arbor has a responsive site that serves their customers well.

Here’s an even better question:

Have you ever visited your own business’ website on your mobile phone? Is it conveying the message you want to deliver to your customers?

If not, then make a list of things your site could be doing better and commit to improving them. If you need help, send me a message. I’ll take a look at what you’ve got and make some suggestions to get things on the right track.

You don’t need two separate sites

You may be thinking that you need to create an entirely separate website for your mobile website visitors.

Not so! Gone are the days when you navigate to the mobile version of a site on your phone and the desktop version when you’re browsing on your computer.

Good planning in the design phase, and smart coding at the start of development, should mean your final product will be RESPONSIVE — a website that will look just as good on someone’s smart phone as it does on their handheld tablet or desktop computer.

* reports that in 2018, mobile traffic represented 52.2% of all online traffic — up 222% from just five years ago!

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