This is what happens when you only use Facebook to promote your business

This is what happens when you only use Facebook to promote your business

FACT: Facebook is amazing for business, but if that’s the only way you’re connecting with customers, your missing out big time! 😱

It’s great that any business can set up a free page on Facebook and use it to reach their current and potential customers. BUT… you’ve obviously heard the expression about not putting all of your eggs into one basket. Well, this is a perfect example of exactly that. 

This is what happens when you ONLY use Facebook to promote your business…

  • Only people who follow you on Facebook see your posts, that is unless you pay to boost them or unless your followers share them.
  • Only people who actually use Facebook can even follow you!
  • Not all the people who follow you on Facebook will see your posts.
  • When people search for you online, if you don’t have a website, and they don’t use Facebook, where do you think they’ll find information about you? Will it be up-to-date? Will it be accurate? Will it even be you or will it be another business with a similar name?

So who is NOT seeing you online if you only use Facebook to promote your business?

  1. People who aren’t on Facebook — and that’s a lot of people these days!
  2. People who are on Facebook, but who aren’t following your page
  3. People who are on Facebook and who follow your page, but who haven’t logged in lately
  4. People who are on Facebook and who follow your page, but Facebook’s algorithms are causing your posts not to come up in their timeline (This can happen for a lot or reasons.)

You should absolutely use Facebook, but it should be a complement to your website, not a substitute for a website. They should be integrated so the same things you’re posting on your website are also going on Facebook, and if you want to post something important on Facebook, like a sale or something like, say, Specials of the Day for a restaurant, you should also post them on your website. 

Having a website doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. 

As a website developer, it may sound counterproductive for me to say this, but it’s a fact: These days anyone can put together a website for not a lot of money.

Granted, you get what you pay for, but at least you’ve got a website.

Did you know you can embed your Facebook Page feed right on your website? That’s super helpful for folks who don’t have a Facebook account, but they can still see your feed on your site!

If you need to be convinced even further, here’s a whole article at USAToday about why small businesses definitely need websites.

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