Website Development

There is so much more you can do with a website than just list your name, products or services, and your address. Check out a selection of the wide variety of profit-generating options that are available for your website.

Full Website Development

Whether you’re just starting out and need a brand new site, or you’ve been in business a while and want to overhaul your existing one, we can create a site and online platform strategy for you that will attract customers and help your business make more money.

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There’s something special about having someone come along beside you and help you plan out the best way to achieve a goal. That’s what happens when you hire a professional website developer with experience in all aspects of online platform building to work with you on developing your new site. 

I’ve been building websites since the mid-90s. I’ve grown with the technologies because my goal has always been to do the very best job I can for my clients and to help them look their best online. After all, when they succeed, I succeed! 

I haven’t grown this business through word-of-mouth advertising by not creating effective, attractive sites for my clients. 

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Landing Pages

Your website isn’t designed to convert into an instant sale or customer lead. A landing page is

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Your website is a business necessity, to be sure, but your home page is not usually going to be designed to get people to take one specific action. It’s going to provide links to different areas of your site where visitors can learn about your business, products, and services.

A landing page, on the other hand, is designed to convert. 

It will present information about one product or one service, or it might present a lead magnet (more on that below), in order to get someone to answer a specific Call to Action (CTA) to convert the visitor into a customer or a contact (lead).

If you run ads on Facebook or Google, it’s a great idea to send potential customers directly to a landing page so you can present your offer right there and cause them to go ahead and act on it rather than getting distracted with all of the other content on your site.

If your goal is to generate leads, use a landing page to make that happen. We can help you create a lead magnet (usually some sort of free downloadable giveaway on your site) that will entice them to provide their email address in order to be able to download what you’ve offered.

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Sales Funnels

The moment you catch a potential customer’s attention, they’re in the funnel! A website-based sales funnel will guide them to a purchasing your product(s) based on the irresistible offers you put in front of them.

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Sales funnels can lead to big business. There’s a reason why sites like ClickFunnels can charge anywhere from $97/month for a sales funnel to $2,497/month! 

Here’s a quick version of how they work:

Let’s say you have an ongoing offer that no customer in their right mind should pass up. If you have a website sales funnel in which you present your offer in a compelling way, you’ll wind up with new paying customers coming out at the bottom of that funnel!

You identify a problem that you know your potential customer is facing. Then, you tell them you know exactly what they need in order to solve that problem. You can offer to unlock the answer if they enter their email address. 

They enter their email address and it sends them to the next page where you present your offer, which will be that ideal solution. 

Give them all of the compelling details and then send them to your sales page. While they’re on your sales page, you can also offer an additional item that will work well with the one they’re already about to purchase (an upsell – think about the candy shelves by the checkout at the grocery store). 

If they don’t complete the purchase, but rather they begin to scroll away as though they’re going to leave the page, you make another – typically lower priced – to them. If they do click away without making a purchase, you can follow up with an email after a day or so with that lower priced item.

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Private Label Social Media & Membership Sites

Facebook isn’t what it used to be, but it’s not just Facebook. Seems like there are always new issues cropping up with social media. What if you could host your own community on your own website for your own friends, associates, and customers.

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There is a wide variety of plugins that can make this possible. Some will enable you to create your own version of a Facebook-style site. Others will enable you to set up a discussion forum with as many categories and topics as you like, and the ability to completely control the experience in terms of who gets to post there and what’s allowed to be posted.

If having your own social media doesn’t interest you, maybe you would like to have a membership site. Can you imagine having an area of your website where customers can log in for special news, discounts, and features?

You can even record exclusive video content just for customers and host it right on your site. It gives them a whole new way of being connected to you and your business even after you’ve made the initial sale.

In addition, it gives you built in content to send out in emails to your subscriber list. This is the kind of thing, if done correctly,  that will keep customers engaged and coming back again and again.

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Sell your products or services on your own website to reach those at-home shoppers.

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Even if you have a brick and mortar location with plenty of foot traffic, if you’re not selling your merchandise online, you’re missing out sales. 

People have gotten in the habit of looking online first if they want to buy something, and that has become even more prevalent after a year of pandemic-related shutdowns. 

If you’re not postured to offer to them what they’re looking for, but someone else does, guess who’s liable to get that sale.

Sometimes it just makes a difference for a customer to be able to browse what you have to offer without having to travel to your business, walk in, and deal with sales people. They can take all the time they want to see your products and think them over. They may order them online, or they may come in and purchase them in person. 

The fact that you met them where they were at with your merchandise is what gives you the advantage.

We can help you set up your own online store, no matter how many items you have, or whether your selling products or services.

And the best part? It’s probably not as pricey as you think! One of the key plugins that we use for setting up online stores is WooCommerce, and the core plugin is 100% free. You would just be paying us to set it up for you. If you want more advanced options, WooCommerce offers a variety of add-ons and extensions. 

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Online Courses

One of the fastest growing industries on the planet over the last year has been online education. Whether you teach paid or free online courses, there is value in positioning yourself as an authority on your areas of expertise.

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E-learning is experiencing explosive growth. According to Global News Wire, by 2025, the massive open online course (MOOC) market could be worth $25.33 billion. $25.33 BILLION! That’s incredible!

Online courses can be offered at a wide range of price points, from free, to thousands of dollars per enrollment.

In addition, it’s not unusual if someone completes one course with you that they will be interested in taking other courses. 

These days you can find online education about anything. Even colleges have gotten in on offering free online courses to interested students.

If you do have an idea for an online course or a whole set of curriculum, we can help you get that content set up online – either on your own website, or if you prefer, a third-party e-learning site like Thinkific or Kajabi.

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Online Scheduling

What if your customers could book appointments with you or schedule calls right on your website? They would love it, and I think you will too!

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If your customers could book appointments with you online, there would be no going back and forth to see when the next available date on the calendar is, because you already have your available time slots right there on your scheduling page. It’s totally up to you what hours you make available. And if you want, you can even go ahead and get billing information when they book their appointment. 

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Email Marketing

If you’re primarily relying on social media to communicate with your customers, you’re missing out BIG TIME.

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If you’ve noticed your business Facebook posts aren’t generating the kind of attention they used to, you’re not alone. 

Hootsuite reported the following, “As of the end of 2020, organic reach is still on the decline. The average reach for an organic Facebook post is down to 5.2%. (For the record, at the end of 2019 it was 5.5%, and the year before that it was 7.7%). Meanwhile, the average engagement rate in 2020 for an organic Facebook post was 0.25%. That number drops to 0.08% for those of you with more than 100k followers.”

Those are some depressing numbers! The thing is, Facebook’s number one goal is to make money and getting businesses to pay to boost posts that used to show up in their followers’ feeds organically is one surefire way to do that.

But guess what! If you have a vibrant email marketing list for your business, you don’t have to rely on Facebook organic reach OR Facebook paid posts in order to reach your customers.

Whether you only want to send marketing emails when you have a special sale happening or big news to report, or whether you want to engage with your customers weekly with helpful tips, solutions, and more, you’ll be glad you have your list so no matter what happens with social media companies, you can still talk to your people.

Want help setting up an email marketing list? Or maybe you want to learn how to make better use of the one that you already have? 

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