4 Examples of Social Proof (and how to use them!)


SOCIAL PROOF can help signal to potential clients or customers that your products are services are worth considering and that you are likely to be trustworthy in your marketing.

Here are just four examples of Social Proof you should put front and center on your website and in your marketing:

1. REVIEWS – Reviews are a highly effective way of letting potential customers know that past customers had positive experiences with you or your products/services.

2. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS – Reviews are great, but video testimonials take things to a whole different level! If you have clients or customers willing to put their face on video to talk about your product or service, thank them and make sure to feature their testimonial on your website & social media.

3. FOLLOWERS/SUBSCRIBERS – Growing your following or gaining subscribers (such as on YouTube) sends the message to potential customers that you’re not brand new on the scene and it’s worth checking out what you have to say.

4. SALES POSITION – If you are an author, a musician, or have products for sale in a diverse marketplace, work hard to gain bestseller status. Promote that! People are sometimes more comfortable buying products that are a known quantity and that have widespread appeal.

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