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Are you doing this?

Boring your readers with dull content or too many words?

Instead try this…

Keep things SNAPPY and to the point.

That doesn’t mean you can’t give website visitors ALL of the information, but give them the short story first.


• The problem they have that you will solve
• The action they need to take to get the ball rolling!


1. “Seaport Day Design is a website development business that focuses on creating custom websites for entrepreneurs. We will work to meet their specific needs and give them an end-product they will love — all in just one day.”


2. “I’ll help you build your dream website in just one day!”

After you’ve told visitors ABOVE THE FOLD (in that first screen they see when they go to your site) what you can do for them and how to take action, then you can give them the option of getting more information. Don’t put them in brain-cell preservation mode by making them read too much the moment your site loads.

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