Atlantic Beach Boat Rentals

Atlantic Beach Boat Rentals

Explore the Crystal Coast by Boat

Atlantic Beach, NC

Project Overview:

Atlantic Beach Boat Rentals, offering unique boating experiences on the Southern Outer Banks, required a website overhaul to modernize their online presence and streamline the booking process. Our goal was to create a one-page site that not only highlights the beauty and adventure of boating in the area but also makes it easy for customers to book their journey.

Challenges and Solutions:

We transformed an outdated website into a highly effective one-page site. The focus was on directing potential customers to a booking form, enabling immediate and hassle-free reservations.

A key feature of the new website is the homepage hero video, which we created using scenic images of popular sights around Atlantic Beach. This video provides visitors with a captivating glimpse of the experiences they can expect while boating, such as exploring Cape Lookout National Seashore, Fort Macon, and Shackleford Banks.

The website’s content emphasizes the unique and cost-effective boating experiences offered by Atlantic Beach Boat Rentals, appealing to families and friends looking to create lasting memories. We highlighted the safety, comfort, and exclusivity of their boats, catering to those wanting to cruise the Emerald Isle area, fish, or observe local wildlife.

Key Features:

  • Homepage Hero Video: A visually engaging video showcasing the scenic beauty and attractions accessible by boat.
  • Streamlined Booking Process: A user-friendly rental request form on the homepage for easy and immediate reservations.
  • Engaging Content: Descriptive and inviting content that highlights the unique boating experiences available.


The website for Atlantic Beach Boat Rentals has significantly enhanced their digital footprint, offering a platform that effectively communicates the allure and adventure of boating on the Crystal Coast. The combination of the stunning hero video and the easy booking process has made the site a valuable tool for attracting customers and facilitating memorable experiences.

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