Beagle Sportfishing

Beagle Sportfishing

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Atlantic Beach, NC

Project Overview:

Beagle Sportfishing, having taken over a business previously known as Beagle Charters, required a complete website overhaul to reflect their new branding and to modernize their online presence. Our task was to transform their outdated site into a vibrant, engaging platform that captures the excitement of deep-sea fishing and appeals to fishing enthusiasts.

Challenges and Solutions:

The primary challenge was to rebrand the website from Beagle Charters to Beagle Sportfishing, ensuring that the new identity resonates throughout the site. We focused on creating a fresh and dynamic design that aligns with the exhilarating nature of sportfishing.

A key aspect of the new website is the high quality pictures provided by the client. These captivating images are prominently featured, showcasing the deep sea fishing adventures and impressive catches that await Beagle Sportfishing’s clients. The visuals are designed to entice visitors and convey the experience of these sportfishing charters.


Key Features:

  • Vibrant and Engaging Design: A visually appealing layout that reflects the excitement of sportfishing.
  • High-Quality Imagery: Utilization of client-provided photos to showcase the fishing experience and catches.
  • Rebranding Elements: Successfully transitioning the site from Beagle Charters to Beagle Sportfishing, with a focus on the new brand identity.
  • Technical Updates: Upgrading outdated plugins and themes to improve site performance and security.


The revamped website for Beagle Sportfishing has significantly elevated their online presence, effectively communicating the fun and professionalism of their deep-sea fishing services. The combination of stunning visuals and a user-friendly interface has made the site a compelling destination for fishing enthusiasts, enhancing the business’s appeal and customer engagement.

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