Beaufort Music Festival

Beaufort Music Festival

Annual Waterfront
Music Festival

Beaufort, NC

Project Overview:

Beaufort Music Festival, known for its vibrant annual waterfront event, required a website overhaul to match the modern aesthetics and functionalities of major music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. Our goal was to create a dynamic online platform that not only promotes the festival but also serves as a hub for artist promotion and engagement.

Challenges and Solutions:

A key innovation for the BMF website was the creation of an artist directory. Each performer at the festival has a dedicated artist page featuring their Spotify playlist, band photos, bio, and a link to their website. This feature not only provides artists with a valuable promotional tool but also enhances the festival’s marketing by showcasing the diverse lineup of talent.

We leveraged a vast catalog of photographs from the previous year’s festival to create a visually engaging experience. These images capture the energy and atmosphere of the event, drawing visitors into the world of BMF.

Integration with their online ticketing platform was another crucial aspect, ensuring a seamless experience for festival-goers from information gathering to ticket purchase.

Key Features:

  • Modern Festival Website Design: A website that reflects the contemporary standards of major music festivals.
  • Artist Directory: Dedicated pages for each artist, including Spotify playlists, photos, bios, and website links.
  • Rich Visual Content: Utilizing a large collection of photographs to visually narrate the festival experience.
  • Ticketing Platform Integration: Seamless connection with the online ticketing system for easy attendee access.


The revamped website for Beaufort Music Festival has significantly elevated its online presence, aligning it with top-tier music festivals. The artist directory not only serves as a promotional platform for performers but also enhances the festival’s marketing efforts. The site effectively communicates the excitement and diversity of BMF, attracting a wider audience and facilitating easy access to event information and ticketing.

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