Body in Balance

Body in Balance PT

Physical Therapy

Atlanta, GA

Project Overview:

Body in Balance Physical Therapy, a prominent physical therapy practice with three locations in the Atlanta Metro area, required a website that effectively communicates their range of services, the expertise of their team, and the details of their multiple locations. Our goal was to create an online presence that is both informative and visually engaging.

Challenges and Solutions:

To enhance the visual appeal of the site, we utilized high-quality stock images. These images were carefully selected to complement the content and create a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

A key feature of the website is the detailed profiles of the practitioners. We included photos and comprehensive information about each team member, allowing patients to familiarize themselves with the professionals at Body in Balance Physical Therapy.

Additionally, we provided a thorough list of services offered by the practice, along with detailed information about each of their three locations in the Atlanta Metro area. This ensures that potential and existing clients can easily find the information they need about the services and locations.


Key Features:

  • High-Quality Stock Images: Enhancing the site’s visual appeal and creating a professional online presence.
  • Practitioner Profiles: Detailed profiles and photos of the team members, adding a personal touch and building trust with potential clients.
  • Comprehensive Service Listings: A thorough presentation of the services offered, providing valuable information to site visitors.
  • Multi-Location Details: Clear and detailed information about each of the three locations, making it easy for clients to find the most convenient location.

Technologies Used:

The website was developed using the Divi theme on WordPress, allowing for a flexible and dynamic design. This approach enabled us to create a site that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to navigate.


The website for Body in Balance Physical Therapy has significantly enhanced their online presence. The combination of high-quality imagery, detailed practitioner profiles, and comprehensive service listings has made the site a valuable resource for clients. It effectively communicates the expertise and accessibility of the practice, reinforcing its reputation in the Atlanta Metro area.

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