Whale Museum and Education Center

Beaufort, NC

Project Overview:

Bonehenge Whale Museum, dedicated to stranding response, research, and conservation, required a website that not only educates visitors about marine life but also engages them in the museum’s mission. Our goal was to create an online platform that is visually captivating and functionally rich, reflecting the museum’s commitment to education and conservation.

Challenges and Solutions:

A standout feature of the website is the video on the homepage hero section, created from still images of whales and dolphins. This visual element immediately draws visitors into the world of marine conservation and sets the tone for the rest of the site.

We designed highly visual buttons that guide visitors to various sections of the site, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience. Additionally, we successfully integrated a legacy computer game that has been part of Bonehenge’s online presence for over a decade, preserving a piece of the museum’s history.

The integration of WooCommerce allows for easy online donations, supporting the museum’s fundraising efforts. We also created a page dedicated to top-level sponsors and a visual timeline detailing the establishment and evolution of Bonehenge as a regional leader in marine education and conservation.


Key Features:

  • Homepage Hero Video: A captivating video montage that introduces visitors to the museum’s focus on marine life.
  • Site Galleries: Photo galleries that show the work done by the Bonehenge team, including whale strandings and ID and tracking of cetaceans, as well as community events.
  • Legacy Game Integration: Preserving and integrating a historical computer game into the website.
  • WooCommerce for Donations: Enabling online donations to support the museum’s conservation efforts.
  • Sponsor Recognition and Timeline: Highlighting top sponsors and presenting a visual timeline of Bonehenge’s history and impact.


The website for Bonehenge Whale Museum has become a vital tool in their educational and conservation efforts. The combination of visual storytelling, interactive elements, and online donation functionality has enhanced the museum’s ability to connect with the community and garner support for its mission. The site effectively communicates the importance of marine conservation and the pivotal role of Bonehenge in this field.

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