Boneyard Barbell

Strength Training Gym and Fitness Center

Cedar Point, NC

Project Overview:

Boneyard Barbell, a dynamic weight training gym and fitness center, required a website that not only showcases their facilities and equipment but also provides functional features for gym membership management. Our goal was to create an online platform that is both visually appealing and user-friendly, catering to the needs of current and prospective members.

Challenges and Solutions:

A key functionality we implemented was the setup of gym membership signups and recurring payments. We achieved this by integrating GravityForms with Stripe, providing a seamless and secure process for members to sign up and manage their memberships.

We also created a photo gallery using images provided by the owner, showcasing the gym’s equipment and facilities. This visual element plays a crucial role in attracting potential members by giving them a glimpse of what Boneyard Barbell has to offer.

To keep members and visitors informed about special promotions, such as ‘no signup fee’ offers, we incorporated popups on the site. These timely announcements help in engaging users and promoting membership growth.

Additionally, we assisted the owner in setting up a Google Workspace email for the business. This professional email solution enhances the gym’s communication capabilities and adds to its business credibility.

Key Features:

  • Membership Signups and Payments: Integration of GravityForms with Stripe for easy membership management.
  • Photo Gallery: Showcasing the gym’s equipment and atmosphere through owner-provided images.
  • Special Promotion Popups: Timely popups to announce special offers and engage potential members.
  • Google Workspace Email Setup: Professional email solution for effective business communication.


The website for Boneyard Barbell has significantly enhanced the gym’s online presence. The combination of functional membership management, visual appeal, and promotional strategies has made the site a valuable tool for attracting and retaining members. It effectively communicates the vibrant and energetic spirit of Boneyard Barbell, making it a go-to fitness destination in Cedar Point, NC.

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