Charles Hughes Construction

Charles Hughes Construction

Site Development Contractor

La Grange, NC

Project Overview:

Charles Hughes Construction, a prominent site development contractor based in La Grange, NC, required a website that effectively communicates their expertise and services. Our challenge was to create a comprehensive digital platform that showcases their capabilities in the construction industry.

Challenges and Solutions:

One of the primary challenges was the limited availability of high-quality, large images for the website. To address this, we focused on maximizing the impact of the available imagery and complementing it with a design that emphasizes content and functionality.

Another significant task was developing the website content from scratch. With only a few bullet points provided by the busy business owners, we crafted detailed and engaging content that accurately represents the services, experience, and professionalism of Charles Hughes Construction.


Key Features:

  • Content Development: Meticulously written content that outlines the company’s services, expertise, and commitment to quality in the construction sector.

  • Online Job Application: A feature that allows potential employees to apply for jobs directly through the website, streamlining the recruitment process.

  • Rental Application: An online rental application form, providing an efficient way for clients to inquire about equipment rental services.


The website for Charles Hughes Construction has significantly improved their online presence, providing a professional and informative platform for clients and potential employees. The inclusion of online job and rental applications has streamlined key aspects of their business operations, enhancing both client and employee engagement. The site effectively communicates the company’s expertise and reliability in the construction industry.

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