CX Studios

CX Studios

Digital Marketing

Southlake, TX

Project Overview:

CX Studios, a digital marketing firm known for its work with enterprise-level clients across various industries, required a website that encapsulates the breadth and depth of their services. Our challenge was to create an online platform that provides a general overview of the company’s capabilities while highlighting their industry diversity.

Challenges and Solutions:

A key feature of this project was the development of a video for the homepage hero section. This video was crafted to reflect the wide array of industries CX Studios serves, showcasing their versatility and expertise in digital marketing. The visual impact of the video immediately engages visitors, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of CX Studios.

To enhance the site experience, we utilized premium Divi Pixel modules. These modules allowed us to create a dynamic and interactive website, ensuring that visitors have an engaging and informative experience as they explore the services offered by CX Studios.

Key Features:

  • Homepage Hero Video: A captivating video that showcases the diverse industries served by CX Studios, setting the tone for their expansive expertise.
  • Dynamic Site Experience: Utilization of premium Divi Pixel modules to create an interactive and visually appealing website.
  • Comprehensive Service Overview: Detailed information about the digital marketing services offered, tailored to enterprise-level clients.


The website for CX Studios has successfully established a compelling online presence for the company. The integration of the homepage video and dynamic modules provides a vivid portrayal of their expertise and the industries they serve. The site effectively communicates the breadth of CX Studios’ digital marketing services, appealing to a wide range of potential enterprise clients.

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