Dr. David Roska

Dr. David Roska

Cosmetic Care & ENT Surgical Services

Cape Carteret, NC

Project Overview:

Dr. David Roska’s combined practice, encompassing Crystal Coast Cosmetic Care and ENT Surgical Services, required a website that effectively balances the distinct identities of both specialties. Our objective was to design a site with a unified landing page that also provides dedicated areas for each practice, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation for patients seeking specific services.

Challenges and Solutions:

The main challenge was to create a website layout that seamlessly integrates the two sides of the practice while maintaining their individual identities. We achieved this by designing an effective landing page that introduces Dr. Roska and his team, and then guides visitors to the specific areas of the site dedicated to either the cosmetic care or ENT services.

We partnered with photographer Isaac Macias to capture professional photos of Dr. Roska and his team, adding a personal touch and enhancing the site’s visual appeal. These images provide visitors with a welcoming introduction to the practice and its staff.

Recognizing the importance of online visibility, we are conducting ongoing SEO efforts using RankMath SEO Pro. This strategy is aimed at improving the site’s search engine rankings, making it easier for potential patients to find Dr. Roska’s services online.

While there are plans to eventually create separate websites for the Medispa practice and the ENT Surgical Services, the current site is effectively meeting the client’s needs, providing a comprehensive online resource for both aspects of the practice.

Key Features:

  • Unified Landing Page: A well-designed landing page that introduces the combined practice and directs visitors to the respective service areas.
  • Distinct Practice Areas: Separate sections for Crystal Coast Cosmetic Care and ENT Surgical Services, each tailored to the specific services offered.
  • Professional Photography: High-quality images of Dr. Roska and his team, enhancing the site’s authenticity and approachability.
  • Ongoing SEO Efforts: Utilization of RankMath SEO Pro to improve online visibility and search rankings.


The website for Dr. David Roska’s practice has successfully established a digital presence that accurately represents the dual nature of his services. The combination of a unified landing page, distinct practice areas, and ongoing SEO efforts has enhanced the practice’s online visibility, making it a valuable resource for patients seeking cosmetic and ENT services.

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