Island Cat Allies

Island Cat Allies

Managing the Feral Cat population of Bogue Banks, NC

Emerald Isle, NC

Project Overview:

Island Cat Allies is a nonprofit organization dedicated to managing the feral cat population on Bogue Banks, North Carolina. The organization required a comprehensive website to replace their previous one-page site. Our goal was to create a platform that not only provided essential information but also engaged the community in their efforts.

Challenges and Solutions:

The primary challenge was the limited initial information available about the organization on their previous website. We approached this by designing a robust multi-page website that includes all of the important information about their mission and activities. We created all of the content, sourced from the minimal existing material and new information provided by the organization’s volunteers.

We included several key pages:

  • Home: A welcoming introduction to the organization and its mission.
  • About: Detailed background on Island Cat Allies and their goals.
  • Adopt: Information on adopting feral cats, including profiles and procedures.
  • Foster/Volunteer: Opportunities for community involvement.
  • Wishlist: A direct way for the public to contribute specific items needed by the organization.
  • Resources: A comprehensive guide on caring for kittens and feral cats.
  • In Memoriam: A heartfelt section for community members to remember their beloved pets.

The addition of a direct PayPal donation link facilitates easy online donations, further supporting the organization’s fundraising efforts.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Content: Extensive information across all pages, ensuring a thorough understanding of the organization’s purpose and needs.
  • In Memoriam Page: Offers a personal touch, allowing community members to share memories of their pets.
  • Wishlist Integration: Direct communication of the organization’s needs, encouraging public support.
  • Donation Integration: Seamless PayPal link for easy and immediate donations.
  • Resource-Rich: Valuable information for cat care, enhancing the educational aspect of the website.


The new website for Island Cat Allies has significantly improved their digital presence, making it a key resource for anyone interested in the welfare of feral cats in the area. The site effectively communicates the organization’s needs and provides easy ways for the community to engage and contribute. The feedback from the organization and the community has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the site’s role in enhancing their operational effectiveness and community outreach.

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