NC Coastal Life

NC Coastal Life

Dive Travel and Yoga Classes

Atlantic Beach, NC

Project Overview:

NC Coastal Life, offering a unique blend of dive travel, yoga classes, and beach vacation experiences in Atlantic Beach, NC, required a complete website overhaul. Our objective was to create a vibrant and informative online platform that captures the essence of their exotic and local offerings.

Challenges and Solutions:

The challenge was to rebuild a website initially created by another provider, infusing it with new life and functionality. We focused on developing original content, particularly for the dive travel section, to highlight the allure of their exotic destinations.

To visually captivate visitors, we utilized brand new, high-quality images that showcase the beauty and excitement of the destinations offered by NC Coastal Life. This approach helped in creating an immersive and enticing online experience.

Additionally, we assisted the business owner in setting up a mailing list with MailerLite, enhancing their marketing and communication capabilities. We also integrated Google Calendar with the site, allowing customers to easily view upcoming yoga classes and other local events, thereby improving user engagement and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Original Content Creation: Developing engaging content to showcase the range of services, with a focus on exotic dive travel offerings.
  • High-Quality Visuals: Utilizing striking images to highlight the beauty of the destinations and activities.
  • MailerLite Integration: Setting up and integrating a mailing list for effective customer communication and marketing.
  • Google Calendar Integration: Allowing easy access to the schedule of yoga classes and local events, enhancing the user experience.


The revamped website for NC Coastal Life has transformed their digital presence, offering a visually rich and informative platform for their diverse services. The integration of a mailing list and an event calendar has not only streamlined communication with customers but also made it easier for them to engage with the business. The site effectively conveys the adventurous spirit and wellness focus of NC Coastal Life, attracting a wider audience and enhancing customer interaction.

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