Oliver Anthony Music

Oliver Anthony Music

Country-Folk Singer-Songwriter


Project Overview:

Oliver Anthony, a country musician who made a notable entrance into the music scene in late August 2023, required a robust online platform to support his burgeoning career. Our task was to develop a website that not only showcases his music but also serves as a central hub for his merchandise, tour information, and fan engagement.

Challenges and Solutions:

We built a WordPress site using a highly customized child theme for Divi, tailored to reflect Oliver Anthony’s style and brand. The site’s design captures the essence of his music while providing fans with an immersive experience.

A key component of the website is the artist merch shop. This setup allows fans to easily purchase Oliver Anthony Music merchandise, enhancing the brand presence and providing a steady revenue stream.

Recognizing the importance of efficient communication, we set up team accounts in Google Workspace for Oliver Anthony’s management. This streamlined internal communications and facilitated better coordination.

For transactional emails, we integrated SendGrid, ensuring reliable delivery of purchase confirmations and other automated communications. For marketing emails, we chose MailerLite due to its user-friendly interface and robust features, enabling effective fan outreach.

We also implemented SMS marketing through SlickText, a strategy that has proven effective in engaging fans and promoting Oliver Anthony’s music and events.

Our involvement extended to updating his tour dates on the website, in collaboration with UTA (Universal Talent Agency). This ensured that fans always had access to the latest information about his performances.

Additionally, we contributed by writing articles about Oliver Anthony’s appearances and shows, starting from his launch. These articles helped in building his online presence and engaging his audience.

To enhance website performance and security, we set up Cloudflare Pro and Argo, ensuring fast loading times and robust protection against online threats.

Key Features:

  • Customized WordPress Site: A Divi child theme tailored to Oliver Anthony’s brand.
  • Merch Shop: An online store built for fans to purchase merchandise.
  • Google Workspace Integration: Streamlined communication for Oliver Anthony’s team.
  • SendGrid and MailerLite: Reliable email communication for transactions and marketing.
  • SMS Marketing: Fan engagement through an SMS marketing service.
  • Tour Date Management: Regular updates of tour information in collaboration with UTA.
  • Content Creation: Articles highlighting Oliver Anthony’s music journey and appearances.
  • Cloudflare Pro and Argo: Enhanced website performance and security.


The website for Oliver Anthony Music has become a cornerstone of his digital presence, effectively supporting his viral career growth. The combination of a visually appealing website, an efficient merch shop, and robust communication and marketing tools has significantly boosted his reach and engagement with fans. The site not only showcases his music but also serves as a dynamic platform for merchandise sales, tour updates, and fan interactions.

Oliver Anthony Music (homepage in August 2023)

Above: The Oliver Anthony Music website as it was when we first launched it at the end of August 2023. By November, we were asked by Universal Talent Agency (UTA) to redesign his site to match the upcoming tour branding. We worked long hours over a weekend to rebrand the site for the World Tour (below), which was announced on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 11am CST (Nashville).

Oliver Anthony Music - Out of the Woods Tour - oliveranthonymusic.com

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