Propel Collective

Propel Collective

Recruiting Agency

Firestone, CO

Project Overview:

Propel Collective, a specialized recruiting agency, required a website that not only aligns with their brand identity but also serves as an informative resource for individuals in the Adobe and tech recruiting communities. Our task was to develop a site that reflects the agency’s professionalism and expertise in the field.

Challenges and Solutions:

The primary challenge was to create a distinctive site aesthetic based around a single logo and the business owner’s color preferences. To achieve this, we carefully selected a color palette that complements the logo and appeals to the target audience, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

In addition to the photos provided by the owner, we custom-created graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the site. These bespoke graphics add a unique touch to the website, differentiating it from standard recruiting agency sites.

The website is designed as a brochure-type site, focusing on providing comprehensive information about Propel Collective’s services, expertise, and values. It serves as an essential resource for individuals who have discovered the business through their involvement in the Adobe and tech recruiting communities.

Key Features:

  • Custom Aesthetic: A unique website design developed around the agency’s logo and color preferences.
  • Bespoke Graphics: Custom graphics that add a distinctive visual element to the site.
  • Informative Content: Detailed information about the agency’s services, expertise, and role in the tech recruiting community.
  • Professional Layout: A clean and navigable layout that reflects the agency’s professionalism and makes information easily accessible.


The website for Propel Collective has successfully established a strong online presence for the agency. The combination of a custom aesthetic, informative content, and professional layout has made the site a valuable tool for engaging with their target audience. It effectively communicates the agency’s expertise and commitment to connecting talent with opportunities in the tech industry.

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