Restaurant and More

Emerald Isle, NC
Wilmington, NC

Project Overview:

RuckerJohns, an iconic restaurant chain with locations in Emerald Isle and Wilmington, NC, required a comprehensive digital solution to centralize their online presence while catering to the unique identity of each location. Our objective was to create a cohesive online ecosystem that not only promotes the brand but also provides specific information and functionalities for each restaurant location.

Challenges and Solutions:

The primary challenge was to design a system that balances the chain’s overall brand with the individuality of each location. To address this, we developed a central landing site,, which serves as the hub for all essential information, including their loyalty program, location details, online shop, and gift card sales.

Further, we crafted separate websites for the Emerald Isle and Wilmington locations. These individual sites, and, are tailored to reflect the unique atmosphere and offerings of each restaurant, while maintaining the overarching brand identity of RuckerJohns.

Key Features:

  • Central Landing Site: A unified platform for the restaurant chain, featuring loyalty program details, location information, and online shopping options.
  • Location-Specific Websites: Distinct websites for each location, offering tailored content and ambiance reflective of each restaurant.
  • Aloha Online Ordering Integration: Seamless integration with Aloha Online Ordering system for both locations, enhancing the customer experience with efficient online ordering.
  • Manager Logins for Daily Specials: Custom logins for managers at each location, enabling them to update daily specials and keep the content fresh and relevant.


The RuckerJohns websites have successfully unified the brand’s online presence, providing a centralized platform for information and e-commerce, while also celebrating the individuality of each location. The integration of online ordering and the ability for managers to update content has streamlined operations and enhanced the customer experience, reflecting the dynamic and customer-focused ethos of RuckerJohns.

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