Vishoka Wellness

Vishoka Wellness

Integrative Health and Wellness Courses

McKinney, TX

Project Overview:

Vishoka Wellness, an integrative wellness and lifestyle education center in McKinney, TX, required a versatile website to offer a range of courses and services. Our goal was to create a platform that not only promotes their diverse offerings but also provides a seamless user experience for course enrollment and participation.

Challenges and Solutions:

A significant challenge was the phased opening of Vishoka Wellness, which required us to implement various tools and functionalities in stages, aligning with the business’s evolving needs. Our approach was to carefully plan and execute the integration of each tool, ensuring that the website could support the growing range of services and courses offered.

We utilized WooCommerce for the sale of online signups for in-person classes, providing a straightforward and efficient e-commerce solution. For the online courses, we integrated LearnDash, a powerful learning management system that offers a robust and interactive online learning experience.

Additionally, we incorporated Gravity Forms to attach consent forms to various course offerings, streamlining the registration process and ensuring compliance with necessary regulations.


Key Features:

  • E-Commerce Integration: WooCommerce integration for easy sign-up and payment for in-person classes.
  • Online Learning Platform: LearnDash integration to offer engaging and comprehensive online courses.
  • Consent Form Integration: Utilizing Gravity Forms to attach and manage consent forms for courses, enhancing the registration process.


The website for Vishoka Wellness has become a central hub for wellness education in McKinney, TX. The phased implementation of various tools has allowed the business to expand its offerings seamlessly, attracting a wider audience. The integration of e-commerce and online learning platforms has streamlined the process of course enrollment and participation, making wellness education more accessible and engaging for the community.

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