Why shouldn’t I use Wix or Squarespace or GoDaddy Website Builder if I want a new website?

Read the fine print

If you’re on a super limited budget and you need to get a website up fast, I’ll be honest, you can certainly build a site with one of those, but just know what you’re getting yourself into — a template-based site that probably won’t meet your needs in the long run. 

All of those services exist to make money, as does all business, so there will constantly be upsells. You will end up paying to keep and maintain a site like that and you’ll be limited to their available template options. Have you ever noticed how there is always an introductory price on those things? Read the fine print! Don’t sign on to something that can snowball into an expensive product that isn’t exactly what you wanted in the first place.

If you’re serious about a business website, you and I need to talk. I will be your one-on-one web guru and I will bring your vision to life. My clients frequently tell me, “I think my site is the best one you’ve ever done!”

I love that, because do you know what that means? It means I hit the bulls-eye on creating the exact site that’s perfect for their business and their customers and they couldn’t be happier.

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