Are you maintaining your business online?

Maintaining your business presence online

Time for some real talk.

You started a business. You did the right thing and made sure you had some kind of presence online. You even shared a bunch of posts on social media… for a while, anyway, but then you just kind of fell out of the habit. You’ve been so busy posting on your personal profile that your poor business page is withering.

It’s like this: CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

If your social presence is consistent, the amount of trust your clients have in you is likely to increase. If you have a posting schedule or content calendar that’s all over the place, no rhyme or reason, your followers will be waiting around on you and curious where you’ve gone.

It will seem like your social media account was just a phase you went through, but now you’ve moved on.

I am going to confess: I AM ALSO GUILTY OF DOING THIS!

Sometimes we can get busy doing #allthethings that it takes to run our business that we forget that we have this other little section of our business garden that needs to be nurtured so it can continue to grow and not just wither up and die.

And here’s another thing: Maintaining your presence is also about branding. Did you know that? When you post content on social media, you are really establishing your brand’s identity. The more you post and are up-to-date with your content, the more people can learn about your business and how you are growing or changing.

If there are changes in your business or services, you followers want to know them and feel like they are a part of it.

So go on. Go give your BUSINESS social media (or that dusty old email list that you have, but that you never send anything to) some love.

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